Gallery on the green
In 1960 artists came together in Connecticut to start a guild called The Gallery on the green. It was started by artists, for artists, without any profits. Gallery on the green has, since the start, spread across the world letting artists get together creating their art.

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Paper Rad – Pioneers in Animated Zine

Paper Rad was a collective of artists acting on the East coast of America during 2000 to 2008. They were mostly famous for creating video art, ”zines”, MIDI-files and paintings with a distinct aesthetic connecting ”underground” culture and the light ”retro-tech”-pictures of the ‘90s.

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Artsy – Arts online

Today the world is much closer to the individual than it has ever been. Internet and computers have made distance unimportant.

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SPUD – creates opportunities for artists and architects

SPUD is an organisation that creates opportunities for artists and architectures to engage in the community and create pieces for debate and understanding from the society. After the merge with ArtSway charitable Trust SPUD has taken over the responsibility of the former ArtSway-building and created what they call spudWORKS. The building is a restored stable […]

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