Gallery on the green
In 1960 artists came together in Connecticut to start a guild called The Gallery on the green. It was started by artists, for artists, without any profits. Gallery on the green has, since the start, spread across the world letting artists get together creating their art.

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The Miss Rockaway Armada

A collection of artists on rafts The Miss Rockaway Armada is about 30 artists and performers from all over USA that has come together to create an event. Both the performers and the artists come from different collectives and associations. One warm day of July they all met in Minneapolis to create an armada of […]

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Assemble – London

Assemble is a collective in London that covers a large spectrum of art and design. From art to architecture. The collective was founded in 2010 and according to themselves they consist of between 16 and 20 members. Their way of work is aimed at the difference between what is public and the way of making […]

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LTTR is a genderqueer feministic artist collective founded in the early 2000´s by Emily Roysdon, K8 Hardy, Ulrike Müller and Ginger Brooks Takahashi. The artist collective came out of the feministic riot grrrl-stage of the 90’s which purpose was to create a collective art piece giving their people a new way of looking at themselves. […]

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