Artsy – Arts online

Today the world is much closer to the individual than it has ever been. Internet and computers have made distance unimportant.

Through social media and communications like email and Skype you can simply hang out, work and share information through computers and phones. Artsy´s great mission is to expand the art business to be able to support more artists around the world. With a platform for discovering and collecting art and artists the people are brought together.

A great collection of art and artists

Through the platform Artsy has collected the leading galleries, artists, events and communities of the world in one place. The Artsy database grows bigger every day and already holds over a million art pieces and designs from over 100 000 artists. In the database there are pieces covering everything from history till today.  Artsy is for everyone, art lovers, students, teachers and everyone with just a little interest in art.

Exhibitions and important events

Through Artsy the visitor can easily keep up on information about major exhibitions and important events in the art world. You can explore earlier exhibitions and events as well as the ongoing ones. The visitor can preview the content at international art fares before the doors are opened for the public. Artsy also holds auctions for charity and consistently support non-profit organisations in the art business.

Web or application

Besides using the web the user or visitor can use an application available for iPhone. By using the iPhone-application you can access Artsy wherever you are. The application makes it possible to look at the pieces and save them as favourites in your phone. In the settings you can add preferences to help guide you to the right pieces among everything at Artsy. The more specific you are in your preferences, the easier it will be to find what you are looking for.

Art collectors

Artsy works like a link between art dealers, collectors and galleries. Galleries are spread all over the world. At the moment there are more then 600 000 pieces to buy at the Artsy website or through the iPhone-application. Every day new items are added to the sales and prices vary from 100 to a million dollars. It is easy to use, if you find something you would like to buy at “the artwork page” you just send a message to the gallery or the artist that has posted the object. Then you can ask questions on availability, prices, transportation or whatever you need to know. The more information you will give the artist or gallery, the bigger are the chances you will get the right help and service. At “the artwork page” there is a button, “Ask an Artsy Specialist”, to press to get free advice from the specialists provided by Artsy. Buying and collecting arts has never been as easy as it is today. If you haven´t visited Artsy yet, it is about time for it!