Assemble – London

Assemble is a collective in London that covers a large spectrum of art and design. From art to architecture. The collective was founded in 2010 and according to themselves they consist of between 16 and 20 members. Their way of work is aimed at the difference between what is public and the way of making art. None of the members of the collective are trained architectures, some have no education at all, but most have a background of stage architects, Philosophers or construction art. Some critics mean that Assemble is the opposite to regular values within art. Members in Assemble teach architecture and urban design at several universities around the world. Besides that, there are also workshops held around Europe. Their biggest projects, though, is in cities around England where they hold a project to keep up to date on trends and how art and architecture is developing and also some research on the actual subjects.

Granbury Projects

One of the most remarkable projects that Assemble is working on is a community project in Liverpool called ”Granbury Four Streets”. The project works on buildings made for workers in the beginning of the 20th century. The buildings are located in four different spaces; Beaconsfield Street, Cairns street, Ducie Street and Jermyn Street. They are also involved in other projects in the same area, Granbury Workshop and Granbury Winter Garden. The projects in Granbury were nominated in the contest of the Turner Prize in 2015 and named that year´s winner of the award. The win seemed controversial for some since Assemble was seen as lying outside the regular norms and not claiming to be artists.

Granbury Workshop

Assemble has taking it on as their project to make Granbury a nice society. Through the project and its work in Granbury workshop they sell handmade tools that are both innovative and experimental. All things sold and made in the area that gives a profit goes back in to the business of educating and hiring local craftsmen and local abilities.

Project Sugarhouse studios

Sugarhouse studios is a place for creative work in Bermondsey, south of the central parts of London, run by Assemble. In the place where Sugarhouse is there used to be a school that was torn down to build the creative centre. Their goal is to create an arena for artists, designers and creators. They also want to build a wood shop to be run alongside Workshop East as a teaching cooperative. Sometimes Sugarhouse is open for everyone to visit and take part in everything that is offered.  At these moments there are workshops in designing and architecture to take part in. In the building there are several rooms where you can take part of the different parts of the business. There is a music room where you can write music and stay overnight if you need. In the metal room you can find tools and supply to feel free to create. There is also a room for “fine art”, where detailed work is made. You can also find places for woodwork and furniture working. There is also exhibit rooms that can be visited by the society where they can see and buy everything made here.