Gallery on the green through the years

In 1960 artists came together in Connecticut to start a guild called The Gallery on the green. It is now known as the oldest guild in the world. It was started by artists, for artists, without any profits. In the beginning, and in some way still today, run by contributions, financial gifts and some fund-raising events. It was first housed in an old schoolhouse and today it contains three large galleries and a garden full of sculptures. Gallery on the green has, since the start, spread across the world letting artists get together creating their art.

To become a member

The guild welcomes new members all the time. It is a diverse group where the members can explore their options. You can become a member in the guild in different ways. Artists can join as non-volunteer or as a volunteer. There is also a junior membership for those under the age of 18. Of course, there is also a senior membership. For those who wants to become members without being an artist, it is also possible by donating to the guild. In the group there is an exceptional sense of fellowship and you have a chance to participate in that. As a member you also get to take part in all the shows that are produced by the guild. You can also try to get your own show together. There are lots of other advantages being a member where the biggest one definitely being the community.

Spreading through America

The spread of the idea of a guild between artists first started in America. The first one, the guild in Connecticut, where it all started, just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The idea then started spreading throughout America and later on through the world. The idea of coming together as artist, creating your own ideas and products but having the strength of more artists to reach out to people with arts and crafts was what encouraged people to come together like this. Today you can find Gallery on the green on many places throughout America, all funded and run in different ways but with the main idea of artists banding together to show and possibly sell their art.

Gallery on the green thorough the world

When the idea of Gallery on the green reached the world, things started to happen all over. Artists around the globe could see how they could benefit from each other, not just economically but also by making new friends and helping each other in all ways. Gallery on the green has many kinds of followers across the world. There have been different kinds of guilds built in different forms with different kinds of people with the common denominator of their art and their lifestyle.

We are going to take you on a journey through the world to meet and get to know artists of all forms and types who in some way have learnt something from Gallery on the green and made the form of guild and coming together a successful way of living with your art and making new friends and companions.