LTTR is a genderqueer feministic artist collective founded in the early 2000´s by Emily Roysdon, K8 Hardy, Ulrike Müller and Ginger Brooks Takahashi. The artist collective came out of the feministic riot grrrl-stage of the 90’s which purpose was to create a collective art piece giving their people a new way of looking at themselves.  

Magazine and tour around the world

The final product was a yearly magazine called LTTR – Lesbians to the rescue. The meaning of this shortening came to change as time went by. Some of the different meanings to the shortening were;

”Listen Translate Translate Record”,” Lesbians Tend To Read” and “Lacan Teaches To Repeat”.

These magazines had everything from poetry, photos and different kinds of art all concerning queer and feminist life and making their needs to define themselves noticed.

The artist collective tours around the world showing their work. It consists of magazines they have produced, music and poetry readings and of course the activism and research they made about queer art. In total hundreds of artists have contributed to the collective and the pieces have changed through the years. In the exhibits LP-records, posters, envelopes, tampons are shown. The collection of printed emails and receipts is shown in a glass mount to show the work that has been done through the years.  With these receipts they want to show how it was starting it all in early 2000s. They worked according to a “do it yourself”- spirit because they really wanted it to succeed. They also recorded a cd with 17 different songs of their own music and monologues. They also did a remake of the hit from the Baha Men’s” who let the dog´s out” and called it ” who let the dykes out”.

Coming together around the world

In a vernissage held in Tensta, Sweden, all main editors for LTTR gathered to talk about their producing years. They want to show the queer minority how hard they work to be heard and showing the pieces of all 100 persons involved. With their vernissages and exhibits they want to teach people that even though the situation may not be as you would like it to be or the society isn´t what you want, there is always an opportunity to create your own space. A space where those who share your views and dreams, and with the same energy, can unite to create.

LTTR were active between 2002 and 2006 and consisted of the editors, the 100 artists, poets and photographers. They were all mainly lesbian women. Queer feminism is a political stream combining feminism and the theory of being queer. They consider woman being suborned to the man and that it has to change. Queer feminism criticizes what many seems to be normal, heterosexuality, and the norms characterizing regular family life. They don´t believe in the idea of name given sexing or the idea of sexualities given from nature. It all assumes from the individual seeing itself and taking back power of his/her own sexuality or a-sexuality. Nothing is pre-given except the free will to be whoever you want to be!