SPUD – creates opportunities for artists and architects

SPUD is an organisation that creates opportunities for artists and architectures to engage in the community and create pieces for debate and understanding from the society. After the merge with ArtSway charitable Trust SPUD has taken over the responsibility of the former ArtSway-building and created what they call spudWORKS. The building is a restored stable from late 19th century.

Local artists with a vision

In the end of the 90´s some local artists had a vision on rebuilding and restoring the old stable to a high-quality studio and exhibition centre. With help from the people, local entrepreneurs and authorities the developed what is today called ArtSway. The development of ArtSway was financed mostly by Arts Council England through the National Lottery, and the Foundation for Sports & the Arts. There was an extension of the building drawn by the architect Tony Fretton. Fretton is internationally well-known for his creations in both the private sector as in the public. SPUD has given new life to the building and new energy in forms of a greenhouse for artists, the thriving economy and the local community. They want to be a subsidizing part to contribute to creative life and beyond.  

spudWORKS – Possibility to rent

spudWORKS gives artists, upcoming artists and the community something to discuss and live for. Besides exhibitions you can also be a part of workshops where artistic education is in focus. The building offers artists and designers a possibility to rent space for their work. They can rent studios, exhibition area, workshop or offices. When an agreement is made, they are short term, maximum a year, with the possibility to extend. This is done to give the opportunity to use the facilities to as many as possible.

SpudOBSERVATORY and The Exbury Egg

One of the SPUD projects are to create mobile observatories. In an observatory an artist is given the opportunity to reflect and live for a few days. The observatory is to give the artist inspiration and tranquillity. The building is not very big but with a panoramic window and ceiling that is completely transparent it gives the feeling of lots of space. The building can rotate 360 degrees and is one of a kind. The artist can rent the observatory for no less than a week and will then have access between 09.00 and 22.00. It is situated not far from spudWORKS and there is access to toilets as well as cooking facilities. The observatory is run by solar panels and the heating is run by a charcoal heater. The Exbury Egg is a temporary workspace for the artist Stephen Turner that has created a project within the work of SPUD. It is situated by the Beaulieau river and floats on the water like a boat. The purpose of this workspace is to get close to nature and reflect on the effect humans have on our environment. The project was run with SPUD as project leader and as extra help there were project architects like boatbuilders and a ship-architect. The main difference between the observatory and The Exbury Egg is that the observatory is possible for rent to other artists while The Exbury Egg is solely for Stephen Turner.

Ongoing projects

SPUD also targets young people through the project spudYOUTH. At the moment they are building a café along a bike trail in Winchester. The idea came from some local youngsters, interested in architecture, developing the idea and the design to The Handlebar Café. After four years of research, projecting, planning and discussions the building has started. To go from idea to implementation is a fantastic demonstration of the determination of the young.